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Company Culture

A Culture of Respect

At Open Sky, our work is to create space where people can identify, honor, and celebrate their unique strengths, challenges, gifts, and talents. As an organization and as individuals, we are committed to fostering a respectful, welcoming, and equitable environment for people of all backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other diverse backgrounds and experiences.

All are equal. All are welcome to come as they are.

We are kind and thoughtful in our interactions. We understand that a culture of respect, where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just words but actions, requires ongoing learning and development, to which we are wholeheartedly committed.



All people have the capacity to thrive.

Core Purpose

Core Purpose

Activate the potential of the human spirit through a transformative journey of self-discovery.



Inspire people to learn and live in a way that honors values and strengthens relationships.

Core Values

It is important to Open Sky that what we offer as an organization is genuinely believed and supported by the people who work here. At Open Sky, we are guided by three core values: courage, community, and excellence.


Wilderness therapy is specialized and mission-driven work. The Open Sky team is comprised of committed individuals whose passion and courage call them to this field. Guided by the belief that all humans have the capacity to thrive, our employees embrace the challenge of working with people in the fire of self-discovery. Resourceful, resilient, and reliable, Open Sky team members maintain confidence in the face of adversity, recover quickly from setbacks, and strive to live a life congruent with these values.


Open Sky is first and foremost a community. We offer our employees regular opportunities to form meaningful connections with one another. We believe in taking time during the bustle of a busy workday to check in, celebrate successes, acknowledge accomplishments, and exchange constructive feedback. Each member of the Open Sky team—from field guides to clinical therapists to office administrators—has the chance to see and be seen, to recognize and be recognized. These moments ground us to our passion for this work and the principles that guide our daily efforts.


As the premier family-centered wilderness therapy experience, Open Sky is committed to excellence at every layer of our programming. We honor what we do well and breathe life in that direction. We recognize opportunities for improvement and make changes when necessary. Our employees are supported in their growth, education, and development so that they may cultivate themselves as professionals. We strive to create a company culture that leaves people feeling fulfilled, satisfied, and like they’ve contributed in a meaningful way.