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Healthy Living

Open Sky offers an innovative, whole-person wellness approach. Our programming is thoughtfully designed to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, all of which are essential to living a healthy, vibrant life.

Food and Nutrition

We believe in the healing power of food and that nutrition is a simple but effective way to teach students about mind-body health. Our menu includes a balance of high quality, whole, and organic meats, fruits, and vegetables and accommodates a wide range of dietary restrictions. We teach students how to choose, prepare, and enjoy nutritious meals so that they can stay healthy and fueled on their journey to wellness.


Yoga is a great way to learn to be present in one’s physical, emotional, and sensory experience. At Open Sky, students and guides regularly practice yoga in the field to calm the nervous system, clear the mind, and encourage emotional regulation and self-awareness.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation invokes an overall sense of calm, reduces stress, increases present moment awareness, and correlates with higher self-esteem. As the mind and body relax during a meditation session, individuals are able to think more clearly and thereby make more intentional choices. Students and staff regularly meditate at Open Sky.

Sleep and Exercise

Open Sky puts special emphasis on the importance of ample sleep and frequent exercise. We believe quality sleep is essential for healing and incorporating the learning and growth taking place in the field. For exercise, groups generally hike five days out of the week. We find a positive feedback loop between sleep and exercise; a day of backpacking in the canyons of Utah or mountains of Colorado can do wonders for getting a healthy night’s sleep!