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Open Sky's Philosophy of Risk

Living outdoors and working with humans inherently involves risk. It is also core to why Open Sky provides uniquely powerful opportunities for healing and transformation. At Open Sky, we don’t expect to eliminate risks altogether; that would not only be impossible but counterproductive to growth. Our goal is to embrace the idea of “beneficial risk” and rigorously manage risks in order to minimize harm and optimize benefits. When approaching risk management topics, Open Sky prioritizes the COIL acronym, which informs our approach to risk management in and out of the field.


We work together to deliver a safe and effective program experience.
We encourage and welcome diverse opinions and ideas.


We seek to understand rather than jumping to conclusions.
We look for ways to take responsibility rather than assign blame.


We approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.
We achieve measurable performance improvement over time.


We develop and maintain effective risk management systems.
We look rigorously at the past in order to improve the future.